Simone , an italian investor living on the Costa del Sol, has contacted us to help him SELL HIS APARTMENT IN THE CENTRE OF MALAGA. The apartment, around 50 squared meters, in made of a room with a king size bed (practically new), a living room with a sofa-bed, a kitchen and a bathroom. The owner owns a LICENSE THAT AUTHORIZES HIM TO RENT IT AS AN APARTMENT FOR TOURISTS. In only a few months he has managed obtain incredible results by ways of reviews and profits. Why has he decided to sell it? Lets read on.

If you have ever thought of moving to Malaga or to invest in this particular area of Spain which is in constant expansion and evolution, we suggest you pack your pack and don’t think twice! Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, is growing progressively and now is the right moment to invest! Simone has decided to sell his apartment to buy himself a bigger one and increase his profits. His is a very common strategy, adopted by many who want to earn investing little money to then move on to bigger projects. WHY IS THIS AREA OF SPAIN RECOMMENDED FOR THESE TYPES OF INVESTMENTS? Keep reading.

What areas are in constant development? As well as the tourism and the restaurant business, surely REAL ESTATE BUSINESSES AND CONSTRUCTION are also progressing immensely.

Why invest in Costa del Sol and why Malaga specifically?

High profit margins: Renting prices are going up steadily , and having an apartment in the centre is a great way to assure steady profits.
Low risk: renting both long and short term, be it apartments or rooms, is very simple due to the growing demand.
Low investment: while prices are rapidly growing , it is still a great time to invest and buy at a reasonable price.
Deciding to rent for a number of months during the year: If you wish to spend your holidays by the sea, this is not an issue! You can easily rent out your apartment the days or months you are not using it.