Real estate investment in Malaga and Costa del Sol. What is it and how to take advantage of it? Do you have some savings and don’t know how to invest them? There are many ways to do it, but which one is the most profitable? A good idea would be buying some properties and rent them to tourists, but not only this. Nowadays, more and more young people go abroad to study (Erasmus Program, for example) or relocate to start a new experience or to find a job. Let’s have a look together at some propitious real estate investments?

Real estate investment in Malaga and Costa del Sol

In this article we’ll be talking about Spain since, according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, it is the second European destination, and third in the world ranking (after France and the USA), in number of tourist arrivals. In 2016, 75 million tourists were registered with a boom in Andalusia (+12,9%).

But how to choose where? What are the most inviting and profitable cities?

Why do we believe that Costa del Sol can offer some advantages compared to other Spanish and European destinations? For sure, because of its growth in tourism thanks to the climate, nice food, great hospitality of the Spaniards, life style and excellent value for money.

Why are real estate investments a great opportunity for those who “want to make money”? Here some simple reasons:

  • High profit potential. By investing in the right city you can make a big profit, whether you either resell the property or rent it out for a short/long term;
  • Low risk. Once you have bought a house for example, it’s easy to rent it out, especially if it’s located in a tourist area such as Malaga and Valencia.
  • Investing with little money. You can find houses and flats in Costa del Sol and Valencia at a very competitive price. Then, you can decide to resell or rent them at a good price, especially in summer.

Part-time use of your investment. You can spend your holiday at the beach while enjoying your investment and rent it out the rest of the year.

Let’s see together the main features of this area of Spain.

Costa del Sol means sunshine more than 320 days in a year and temperatures almost never below 15 degrees. This is what attracts tourists from all over the world: in winter this area is suitable for Nordic people who can’t stand high temperatures and in summer for those who love the heat, the sun and the sea. Another important aspect that draws tourists to Malaga and Costa del Sol is its delicious food. What better place than Spain to eat tasty tapas and drink a refreshing sangria or tinto de verano? All year round you can stroll along the promenade under the sun, sip a beer while enjoying the beach and, above all, try local specialities.

Besides food and relaxation, Costa del Sol gives you the opportunity to practise outdoor activities and visit nearby cities like Seville, Cordoba, Granada or explore enchanting beaches such as Nerja, Cadiz, Tarifa and many more.

For these reasons Costa del Sol attracts not only visitors but also people who want to relocate to look for a job, learn Spanish, start a new business or enjoy their retirement.

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We’ll also inform you on how to have all papers in order to rent your house for a short- or long-term stay. Every area in Spain has its own regulations and we collaborate with accountants and experts who are always up-to-date on the laws.

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